Superior Township, Michigan

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Superior Township Supervisor

Kenneth Schwartz, phone: 734-482-6099
Fax: 734-482-3842

As the new Superior Township Supervisor I want to thank the Township Board for having confidence in me. I really appreciated the unanimous vote appointing me as your next Township Supervisor. The vote was a great gesture. So let me pledge to the Board and to all the Township residents to honor the office and to work diligently to advance the interest of all Superior residents without regard to where you may live, how much money you make or what school your children attend.

We are all very fortunate that our Township Board has worked intelligently in the past. They have made sound decisions based on reason and common sense. As a result, the Township is currently in very good financial condition.

But the Township has some big challenges.

The biggest challenge right now is to negotiate a new 30 year water and sewer contract with Y.C.U.A. which is required by state and federal law. Our current water and sewer contract expired in 2012. Although there have been negotiations with Y.C.U.A., the new contract has not been approved by both parties and several important issues have yet to be resolved. Since this is another 30 year contract, it is important to get this right. To add to this challenge, our utility director, Rick Church, is retiring on October 31th.

Public safety is always a challenge. As Supervisor, I will continue to emphasize the importance of providing excellent Police and Fire services throughout the township. Your family’s safety is always our first priority. Superior Township has a police services contract with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department. We contract for10 sheriff deputies. This includes 1 lieutenant and 2 sergeants assigned to Superior Township. I will continue to work with our deputies and the county Sheriff, Jerry Clayton, and his command staff, to keep response times low and employ pro-active community policing. As a final note to public safety our fire chief, Jim Roberts, retired last month. Fire Marshall Wayne Dickerson, a 42 year veteran has been appointed the Fire Department’s temporary, part time Chief pending further discussion by the Board.

As Superior Township supervisor I will intensify township efforts to fight blight, litter and vandalism. This is an ongoing challenge. If you have any complaints regarding blight, litter or vandalism please call me at the Township Hall so that your complaint may be addressed.

I hope to undertake a complete review of our roads, culverts and bridges this winter. We will review public transit at the same time and there will be plenty of time for public input. Studies show that investment in roads and transit are highly desired by the travelling public and help stabilize neighborhoods and create jobs. Hopefully, the Governor can persuade the state legislature to reform the methods by which highway and road funds are levied, collected and returned to the county road commission so more state funding is available to keep improving our roads.

There are many other challenges to confront over the next year that will keep all of us busy. I hope that you will stay involved in your community and your neighborhood in whatever way you desire to serve. Community involvement creates ties that bind us together and help us face the future with the knowledge and the dedication to meet the challenges that are always upon us. Together, we will remain, in the words of Bill McFarlane, SUPERIOR RESIDENTS.