Superior Township, Michigan

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Hunting Ordinance, Laws and Regulations

Hunting season has started. The Township is divided into 36 Sections. The Township has a Hunting Ordinance, No. 28, which indicates in which Sections hunting is allowed, restricted or prohibited. Hunters, or anyone discharging a firearm, are also subject to Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rules and regulations and State and Local laws. Anyone who is hunting or discharging a firearm in an unsafe or illegal manner can be prosecuted for violating a State Firearms Law. If you suspect someone is hunting illegally, or discharging a firearm in an unsafe manner, please call 911. They will dispatch the appropriate agency to respond to your complaint. To review the Ordinance and State Firearms Laws please click Hunting Ordinance and Laws.

For information on how to report poaching to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, please click on Report All Poaching.